How to Wear White Without Being Looking Bride

White is always considered a gorgeous color to wear. It looks beautiful and irresistible. When you want to look sophisticated and glamorous then your choice should be a white dress because it can go with any skin tone.

It’s great on its own but it can be mixed up with other colors. However, the question arises why women need to wear a white dress? Its used as a bride color most of the time but that’s not always true.  

Let’s help you to give some recommendations to wear white other than to wear on wedding.

1. Do not use embroidery or laces

The combination of white color and laces (embroidery) makes a lovely combo that gives off serious romantic vibes but keeps in mind to skip this combo because white color has its own grace. Therefore, if you really want to add delicate details to your look? You should use laser cut detailing.

2. Add some sexier cuts

Of course, there are plenty of bridal looks that feature sexy designs available in the market but if you eagerly desire to wear white and not look like a bride, therefore, we suggest you some tips. First of all, we would recommend you to try some cuts that make your looks sexier and gorgeous. Secondly, if you find white outfits to wear on parties or wedding, so you need to give a chance to white dress with mid slit sexy back outfit.

3. Pick statement pieces with strong structural lines

If you notice bridal outfit, you will usually see her soft, flowing, romantic lines reflex. If you would like to wear white without being looking bride then choose a piece with strong structural lines. This design gives you a sophisticated look and reduces the effects of bridal vibes. Here are the images below if you want to know what we actually mean.

4. Add textures in your look

Add some different texture when you are wearing white that differentiates you from bridal look. Try combining a white Silk Cami with white tweed or a white sequined blazer. You can use embroidery or crocheted tassels to add texture to your look.

5. Wear a pop of color

Pure white color is definitely associate with bridal dress. Make things more interesting by adding a surprising pop of color to your look. You can add some bright over something light and different patches. You can also add print color in order to being stylish. Beware you’re not overdoing it, lest you run the risks of looking sort of a clown.