Escaped prisoner assaults a police officer and jumps on the tube after fleeing from a prison van

Escaped prisoner assaults a police officer
Escaped prisoner assaults a police officer

In a daring escape, a prisoner managed to slip away from custody while being transported in a prison van, boarding a train, and even assaulting a plainclothes officer in a London Underground station.

Video footage captures Kwami Richards launching an attack on the officer before fleeing the scene. Authorities have issued a warning to the public, urging them not to approach the 42-year-old fugitive and instead report any sightings to emergency services by dialing 999.

Given the extensive surveillance and security measures in place on the London Underground, evading capture seems no easy feat.

Richards had previously served time for burglary and was released on parole. According to standard procedure, prisoners typically serve half of their sentence before being granted release on license. However, Richards violated the terms of his release, resulting in an immediate recall to custody to serve the remaining portion of his sentence, according to the Metropolitan Police.

The video depicts a plainclothes officer grasping Richards’ wrist on the platform of Brixton Underground Station, urging him to cooperate by mentioning the presence of police upstairs. Despite the officer’s plea, Richards unexpectedly lashes out, leading to a brief scuffle before he makes a dash down the platform, closely pursued by the officer.

A statement issued by the police confirmed that Richards managed to board a Victoria Line train following the incident. A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police released the following statement: “Officers are seeking information regarding the whereabouts of an individual who escaped from custody in south London.

Kwami Richards fled from a prison transport van outside Brixton police station at approximately 2 pm on Friday, May 26. The 42-year-old, known to have connections to Wandsworth, was wanted on recall to prison for breaching his parole conditions subsequent to a burglary conviction. Richards was in the process of being transported to prison by a private security company when the incident occurred.

A police officer who witnessed the event pursued him into Brixton Underground Station. The officer was assaulted during the attempt to detain Richards, who then boarded a train on the Victoria line. We advise the public not to approach Richards and instead call 999 immediately if they spot him.”