Dundas Fall 2019 Couture Collection

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In the center of Peter Dundas’s runway were several giant screens. Preshow, they displayed taped black-and-white footage of the backstage prep—models arriving, hair and makeup, hugs and kisses all around.

Once the show got under way, it changed to color and became a live feed, and we saw Dundas making final adjustments and whisking the models on their way. It was an Unzipped for the Instagram age; those clips of Joan Smalls and co. will live long after today.

Dundas designs for extroverts, so the wraparound coverage made sense for the brand. As any party girl will tell you, getting ready with your girlfriends is often the best part of an evening out. Come the New Year’s holiday, which these clothes were designed for, the Dundas gal will be headed to the islands. The collection had a tropical flavor, with lush florals, jungle prints, and polka dots mashed up on ruffled organza dresses cinched with corset belts over a base layer of eco-leather bikinis, fishnets, and stiletto heels. She’s not going to the beach for a yoga retreat.

The point, said Dundas, “is to not take it so seriously; we’re a happy brand.” With the right bod, you couldn’t not have fun in one of his barely there frocks, but for the dress-averse he did show some of his typically strong tailoring. Back to the subject of media impressions, an acid yellow jacket-and-shorts set embroidered with crystal palm leaves was modeled after the white tuxedo he wore to the Met Gala. Dundas cut quite a figure on the red carpet alongside his dates, Ciara and Emily Ratajkowski; it was clever to re-create the look.