Top Fashion Models getting Richest

Top Fashion Models getting Richest - Fashion News
Top Fashion Models getting Richest - Fashion News

Richest top models earning more than ever before, and pulled in 112 million US dollars during this year. Fashion models getting richest day by day.

Though United State’s unemployment rate is 10 %, yet fashion models need not to worry about it. Top ten supermodels have earned 112,000,000.00 US dollars in year 2010-2011, which is 30% more than last year. Luxury sector spending has been increased during this time of slump. Top earning models are Kate Moss, Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen acting as fashion candies for top fashion brands. Heidi Klum made 20,000,000.00 US dollars, and introduced clothing collections at "Project Runways". Kate Moss earned 13.5 million last year and presente british fashion label TopShop.

Daily working fashion models are getting very little these days, but angels of Victoria’s Secret are flying above this recession situation where wealth is paid in a realistic manner. Candice Swanepoel ranked 10th by earning 3 million US dollars, Adriana Lima got 8 million US dollars, and Alessandra Ambrosio made $5 million.

So, the secret of becoming richest model is hidden inside the Victoria’s Secret modeling house.