Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert by Foo Fighters Was a Cathartic Six-Hour Celebration of a Rock Legend

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The central theme of the Foo Fighters tribute concert to their late drummer, Taylor Hawkins, at London’s Wembley Stadium on Saturday night was “family.”

The massive stadium show drew a capacity crowd of 75,000 diehard fans who saw some of the biggest names in music, from Paul McCartney to Queen to Liam Gallagher, celebrate Hawkins’ life and legacy.

Despite this, the concert never lost its intimacy during its six-hour, 50-song runtime. It never deviated from its aim of honoring a pop star whose life was cut far too short.

For six hours, the Foo Fighters and their fans were able to grieve as one collective family, paying tribute to Taylor Hawkins in the only way possible: by rocking the fuck out.

There were both smiles and tears, frequently at the same time. Dave Grohl had to compose himself frequently, especially during a riveting performance of “Times Like These.”

But there were also genuine full of joyful moments, like when Hawkins’ 16-year-old son, Shane, joined the Foo Fighters on stage to drum during “My Hero.” He pounded the kit with the force of two drummers, his father no doubt joining in spirit.

Throughout it all, Dave Grohl served as master of ceremony. He spent the majority of the evening on stage, switching between guitar, bass, and drum.

Aside from that, it was clear that Grohl had gone to great lengths to ensure that the evening was a rock legend’s celebration. The six hours were preplanned, with each performer and song choice having a special connection to Hawkins.

But for the evening’s final song, Grohl opted to perform alone and sing to an audience of one: his brother and bandmate of 25 years. “If everything could ever feel this real forever If anything could ever be this good again,” Grohl crooned.

The future of the Foo Fighters is unknown, but their drummer’s legacy will not be forgotten.