Prince Harry in fierce competition with William, Charles to prove he’s ‘a better royal’

prince harry prince william prince charles
prince harry prince william prince charles

Prince Harry wants to prove to the world that he is a better royal than Prince Charles and William.

According to royal biographer Angela Levin, the fact that Harry addressed Diana Awards honourees saying the Princess of Wales would have been very proud of the young people, goes to show that he wanted to one-up William.

Levin said Harry’s speech seemed to “put William second”, but at the same time, she said the two brothers “behaved impeccably” at the event on July 1.

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The author believes Harry wants to be a royal “but in a very different way, a Californian way”, as he wants to be “strong and powerful.”

She said, “I think it’s because he’s fed up with being the spare to the heir and he wants to be strong and powerful so he’s making these demands, small and not so small, and he’s going to build up his capacity to do that I fear.

“He’s competing with his brother and his father to be the better royal and more like Diana,” Levin added.