Orlando Bloom discusses his ‘narrowly escaping death’

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor fell from the roof terrace to the third floor and crushed his spine. Orlando Bloom took a moment to look back on the life-threatening fall that the star suffered in 1998 and share the details of the accident on social media.

“It’s me in my back brace around 1998 after I fell downstairs, crushed my spine, and barely escaped death and paralysis,” the 44-year-old actor wrote on Instagram. Brace and smile despite his injury.

“I’m grateful every day for my limbs to push my limits and live beyond my limits (it’s safer now),” he added, riding with friends and riding his 2 today. I shared the first photo.

Bloom’s fiancé Katy Perry commented on this post, “I love you.” The actor’s ex-wife, Miranda Kerr, also wrote, “I’m very proud of you.”

Orlando Bloom in Tom Ford
Courtesy: Pinterest

NS Pirates of the Caribbean The actor had previously discussed autumn When GQ A 2005 publication reports that the incident happened while climbing the roof terrace with a friend. When the drainage pipe he scaled collapsed, the star became three stories high.

“Until then, I hadn’t soundly evaluated life and death. We’re not invincible,” Bloom told the magazine. “And for four days I faced the idea of ​​living in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I went to some dark places in my mind. I noticed I’m going to walk again, Either not. “

“But the accident informed everything in my life,” he continued. “You won’t notice until you get close to losing it. I was riding a bike and driving a car like a racetrack. It was ridiculous. Because I thought it was cool. No, because I liked to live on the edge. But I got cold. “

This article was originally published Fox news Reproduced with permission