How kids “broke Megan Fox’s her heart”

megan fox kids broke heart
megan fox kids broke heart

The Transformers star curses her smartphone, which shows her sad photos.

Megan Fox posted a five-minute video on her Instagram in which she answered questions from subscribers. The actress also touched upon the topic of children.

Fox is raising three sons who were born in a marriage to her ex-husband Brian Austin Green. Bodhi, Joanie, and Noah upset the mother, although they themselves do not know about it.

Megan doesn’t believe her kids are growing up that fast. It is this fact that “breaks her heart.”

“I wish there was a way to bring them back at the age of three at least for a few hours. I think many mothers will agree with me.

My phone regularly shows me old photos, I hate it for that. It’s hard and painful to look at. My children are adorable, although not always obedient, ”the actress admitted.

“I struggle with the thought of their inevitable maturation, but I still cry a lot,” she added.