Kanye West’s Purchased Church Property Falls Into Disrepair Amid Global Travels

Kanye West
Kanye West

Kanye West’s road to religion is no secret anymore. The self-proclaimed devout Christian invested in a $1.5 million plot from Cornerstone Christian Church in Northridge, Los Angeles, in March 2023. However, the rapper left the property unattended, surrounded by dust, filth, trash, and broken windows, reported The U.S. Sun. Meanwhile, he globetrotted for months.



Although it wasn’t easy for the Praise God rapper to get hold of the land, as thousands of people had previously signed a petition to prevent him from leasing any space at the church after discussions with former Pastor Roland Nagin, he still bought it.

Apparently, the 46-year-old wanted to move his Christian school, Donda Academy, to this building. The property documents showed the Yeezy founder bought two parcels of land for the same address under his Blue Spruce Trust, with his name listed on the papers.

But the plot has been abandoned because the rapper is busy exploring the world for several months. The exclusive photos obtained by the outlet showed the place needs to be cleaned. Since West purchased the church property and has been busy with other endeavors, it seems the building has been empty for months, leading to the accumulation of trash.

As per the latest photos, three empty shopping carts were seen in the front garden of the building, with two of them flipped over. The windows were disheveled and boarded up with large planks of wood; a broken light fixture was discarded outside the front door. In another photograph, a blue trash bin filled with garbage to the rim was also spotted. Large trees, weeds, and patches of brown grass surrounded the unkempt property, which appeared to be in dire need of gardening.

The building has become such an eye-sore for people because of its untidy condition. A neighbor complained, “I had no idea Kanye bought it, but… it’s not a good look for the neighborhood; he needs to clean it up; you don’t want a bum breaking in and living there.” The people also said that some folks come to ensure no homeless broke into the building.

Another (neighbor) added, “I see someone come and check the property every few weeks to make sure it’s OK, but they haven’t done anything to it; it’s been empty for months.” Before West purchased the property, Pastor Nagin used to reside there, and the documents showed him as an unmarried man. After the rapper acquired it, Nagin moved on to another church.

West’s religious inclination attracted less appreciation and more controversies for him. However, unfazed by it all, he told The Fader in 2008, “I’m like a vessel, and God has chosen me to be the voice and the connector.” He also discussed the lows he’s experienced in his personal life, “I just had to give it up to God. The more I am in service to God, I just clear my head and just wake up more empty every day.”

As far as his recent Cornerstone property purchase is concerned, over 12,000 people signed a petition against him. The Faithful America group also wrote an open letter to Pastor Nagin to stop Ye. It read, “As your fellow Christians, we strongly object to the possibility of Cornerstone Church renting space to Ye (Kanye West).” However, it was to no avail.